The Volkswagen Tiguan is a highly efficient midsize SUV perfect for people on the move. The Tiguan has been a favorite of Edison, NJ drivers for many years, and for a good reason. Its iconic sporty style, efficient engines and roomy interior are perfect for family adventures. With a used Volkswagen Tiguan, you can enjoy a reliable vehicle for a long time.


This SUV's engine is paired with an automatic eight-speed transmission to provide up to 320 pound-feet of torque. A Volkswagen Tiguan has a high fuel economy that enables buyers to enjoy comfort at an economical rate. With 184 horsepower at your fingertips, this SUV can get you up to speed on the roads of Elizabeth, NJ in no time.

Interior and Exterior Design

The used Volkswagen Tiguan offers an amazing blend of comfort and style. It can be equipped with a heated front seat and ample legroom, this five-seater could be your ideal SUV. The Volkswagen Tiguan has ample cargo space to easily bring your camping material and shopping in your outdoor adventures.

With different trim levels to cater for your preferences, this is the vehicle for you. It has a refreshing, stylish look that's sure to attract attention around Newark.


The Volkswagen Tiguan gives you a chance to enjoy a stylish and secure ride through Springfield, NJ. It has a tire pressure monitor so that you can enjoy peak performance. Installed in the SUV are post-collision and pre-collision braking systems, making sure your vehicle will stay stopped after a collision or mitigate the damage by braking before the accident. Stability accompanies safety, and the SUV has a stability enhancing system which helps keep your ride secure even during off-road driving outside Kenilworth, NJ. In a Volkswagen Tiguan, you'll have an excellent view behind you through the rear-view camera system.

Buying a used Volkswagen Tiguan will grant you a comfortable and stylish drive in Union, NJ at an affordable price. When you buy your next ride at Volkswagen of Union, you can keep it in great condition thanks to our expert service.

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