Leasing a new Volkswagen is an alternative to buying one at Volkswagen of Union in Union, NJ. Some of our customers in Newark and Kenilworth, NJ prefer leasing, so let’s look at what leasing is all about and a few of the pros and cons.

What’s the difference because leasing and buying with a car loan?

Leasing a new VW is essentially like renting one for a fixed period: Usually 36 months. Getting a new VW with a loan means someone is loaning you the money to buy that vehicle, and you pay back the loan with monthly payments. A car loan lets you build equity – or cash value – in a VW so you can someday own it. With a lease, you aren’t building cash value and you won’t ever own the car, so those are reasons why leasing is more like renting.

Who is leasing good for?

Leasing a new VW appeals to people in Edison and Elizabeth, NJ who want lower monthly payments for the new VW they want. That’s because your monthly payments for a leased VW will be lower than monthly payments for a car loan would be. Leasing also appeals to people who want a simple way to drive a new VW every few years, and who don’t want the hassle of selling their vehicle when they’re ready for a new one.

What happens at lease-end?

When your lease period ends, you return your leased VW to us, pay any lease-end charges for excess damage or miles and we take back the vehicle. You don’t have to sell the car because you won’t own it. We can answer any other questions you might have about getting one of our low payment vehicles with a VW lease. Contact us at the Lease Center at Volkswagen of Union, just a short drive from Springfield in Union, NJ.

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