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As the go-to dealer for Newark drivers, Volkswagen of Union is proud to offer preventative maintenance and complete vehicle repair services near Edison, NJ. Thanks to our experienced technicians and knowledgeable advisors, we provide alignments, fluid flushes, and filter replacements to help customers protect the value of their moving assets. Schedule an appointment today with our online service assistant or by contacting our team to find a time that works best for you and save money with our service specials.

Services We Commonly Provide

  • Oil Changes: Keeping your engine healthy starts with regular oil changes to prevent excessive heat and friction. Over time, oil breaks down, causing sludge and oxidation to form. Be sure to schedule frequent oil changes to ensure your Volkswagen runs smoothly around Elizabeth, NJ.
  • Brake Repairs: Make sure your Volkswagen is ready to stop when you are by having your brake system inspected regularly. Brakes that are ready for repair may show signs such as squealing noises, vibration in the wheel, or increased braking distances.
  • Battery Testing: If a dead battery has stranded you in the past, you know the importance of regular battery testing. Our technicians will look for corroded battery terminals, loose wiring, and dying alternators when performing an inspection near Springfield, NJ. In addition, they'll load test the battery to ensure it's performing at its specified rating.
  • Full Tire Services: Your tires are the only thing between your car and the road ahead. When your tires wear out or become misaligned, you could be putting yourself in danger. Be sure to take advantage of our VW Service Center to receive periodic inspections and tire rotations near Kenilworth, NJ.

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Volkswagen of Union is here to help when you need preventative maintenance or extensive repairs. When you schedule a service appointment with us, you can relax knowing that highly-trained technicians are ready to care for your beloved vehicle. Contact our Volkswagen service center to speak with an advisor about financing your service, or find an appointment time with our service assistant today!