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Routine Service and Maintenance for Your Volkswagen Vehicle in Union, NJ

While the list of services that cars require to continue running correctly may seem long, it's a matter of focusing on the key components that govern engine performance and component care. The Volkswagen of Union service center near Kenilworth, NJ, can help improve efficiency, reduce fuel use, and get the most out of your tires and battery in Newark with just a little maintenance now and then.

Tire Care

Your tires need simple maintenance like pressure and tread checks between more substantial servicing like tire rotations. These services all seek to avoid the leading cause of flats, uneven tire wear. Over or underinflated tires will cause weakening along the edges. Underinflating the tires can increase your fuel costs by reducing their efficiency, making the engine work harder, and using more fuel. Rotating your tires brings the less used tires to the forefront while giving the others a break and extending their lifespan. Having your alignment adjusted can also improve overall performance and extend tire life.

Oil Changes

If there's one service that will benefit your Volkswagen car or SUV engine more than any other, it's an oil change. If your engine takes synthetic oil, you can get extended use, delaying the need for a change for nearly 5,000 miles. Fresh oil cleans dust and microscopic engine debris from parts, reducing friction and improving efficiency.

Brake Repair

Replacing brake pads will be the most common brake maintenance you're likely to encounter, and the frequency of that will largely depend on how you drive your vehicle. Commuters from Elizabeth, NJ, who don't experience heavy traffic during most of their driving, can expect to go quite a while between brake pad changes. If you're constantly driving in stop-and-go traffic, the frequent braking will significantly shorten the lifespan of the brake pads. Since the brakes rely on a fluid-driven system to perform, the fluid needs to be changed every few years. It's also possible for air to get trapped in the lines and will need to be flushed out to maintain smooth braking performance.

Battery Testing and Replacement

Depending on what kind of battery you have; it should last around three years or more. Certain factors, like hot summer temperatures or your driving habits, including primarily short trips, will affect performance and may shorten its lifespan. Your technician can test your battery if you have concerns or notice electrical issues like flickering lights that may indicate weakening battery strength. It's essential to have your battery tested before cold winter temperatures begin, as these can push a faltering battery over the edge.

Long Term Vehicle Care

Unless you're involved in a fender bender or other unexpected event, systems like your transmission, struts, differentials, timing belt, and other engine parts can go for tens of thousands of miles without replacement or even servicing. Your owner's manual offers an excellent guide for the schedule you should follow for having things like timing and serpentine belts replaced. Inspections that check the condition of shocks, spark plugs, transmission, transfer case, and radiator can monitor their condition and catch any issues in between regularly scheduled maintenance.

Let the Volkswagen of Union Service Center Near Edison, NJ, Help

When you bring your vehicle to Volkswagen of Union, you'll have access to technicians who specialize in VW care and who utilize quality parts sourced right from the manufacturer. You can easily schedule service using our online form, picking a time that fits your busy schedule. We offer a range of service specials to save you money on the maintenance you need to keep your vehicle's performance reliable. We also offer service financing so you don't have to pay for your car repair all at once. The technicians at our service center near Springfield, NJ, can advise you about your model's recommended maintenance schedule based on your driving habits. We'll answer your questions about oil changes, tire rotations, and brake care, taking the guesswork out of vehicle maintenance so you can focus on safe driving.

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