Car Brake Service in Union, NJ

Get a Professional Volkswagen Brake Service at Volkswagen of Union

Keeping your VW's brakes in top condition is essential, as they are crucial components that keep you safe around Union, NJ, roads. Look no more if searching for a brake shop near me as Volkswagen of Union has professionally trained technicians who make your VW car or SUV brakes work optimally.

We offer the necessary brake service with the latest equipment, state-of-the-art facility, and genuine brake parts. Find out more about brake services below and see why drivers near Newark choose Volkswagen of Union as their preferred Volkswagen service center.


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Common Brake Services at Volkswagen of Union

Brake Inspection

Regular brake inspection is a crucial part of Volkswagen brake maintenance. Our technicians will exhaustively check the rotors and brake pads to look for tears and wear. Moreover, they will assess other parts like the master cylinder and brake lines to guarantee your safety as you drive around Kenilworth, NJ.

While the average lifespan of VW brake pads is about 50,000 miles, factors like your driving style, pads ' quality, and how you maintain your vehicle affect this number. For instance, the brake pads will last for only 25,000 miles if you ride your car downhill, if your drive has many traffic lights, and stamp the brakes on the freeways.

Brake Pads Replacement

Usually, brake pads push against rotors to create friction that brings your vehicle to a halt. Over time, this intense friction causes tear and wear to the brake pads. Volkswagen brake pads should be replaced when a thickness of about 3 mm remains on the backing plate's steel. Brake rotor resurfacing and fluid exchange services are available at our Volkswagen of Union in Edison, NJ.

Is It Time to Replace Brakes on Your VW?

It might be the ideal time to replace brake pads if your Volkswagen vibrates after applying brakes or the stop takes longer than usual. Also, if it pulls to the side after applying brakes, it means there is an issue with brake fluid or breaks are worn out.

The good thing is that drivers around Elizabeth, NJ, can also use our service specials and brake coupons and save a few dollars when they bring their VW vehicles to Volkswagen of Union.

If you are around Springfield, NJ, bring your VW to Volkswagen of Union for a new brake install if you experience a hissing, clunking, or a high-pitched screech once you apply brakes on your Volkswagen. Contact the sales team to schedule service.